Mischief, Ship's Log - Welcome to the Ropers
Follow our adventures on Mischief - Ship's Log

Welcome to the Adventures of the Ropers, living with terminal cancer and life on Mischief. Who is Mischief? Well she is a 60ft x 11ft wide-beam and is our home along with our two cats Pandi and Phoenix who make up our family.

My husband is self employed in the carpet industry and I am unfortunately diagnosed with terminal cancer but we have not let the cancer control our lives. I was given 6 months to live and am still here, although be it in pain 24/7, I get by with the support of, my wonderful rock and husband, Paul Roper.

Some people think we are crazy to live on the water but we would not swap our way of life for anything, except may be a bigger boat!!  Even our girls have settled into their new way of life more quickly than we thought they might.

I was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the end of 2011 and Paul was then my partner, but he proposed to me in hospital and has stayed by my side ever since.  I would not be where I am now if it were not for his courage, love and support. 
Just because one lives on a boat, does not mean you change your way of life by any means.  We have all the amenities you would have in a house, ours just has to be on water!!
Sadly the only thing we have had to change is our mode of transport. Paul use to have a motorbike but this got written off in an accident just before I was diagnosed and as a result, because I need to use a wheelchair now, we can only use a car but we do miss being on the bike, but so far, I have not been allowed to return to that way of life which we miss very much.
I have been asked by many to write about our life on a boat and what it is like living with terminal cancer.  So here is our story and our adventures of life with the Ropers.  We hope you will enjoy. 

New Additions

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Blood Transfusions - why two transfusions
Prepping the boat - windows and general 

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